Who let the Beagles out?!

We don't know how it happened. We went from a small quiet family to a loud, barking, and woofing one in what feels like the blink of an eye!

And now we know why Beagles are perfect just the way they are.

Loud - Beagles come from the hound family and can't help but smell food, prey, and even its owners from miles away! Be prepared from some happy barks when they catch a scent. Forget sleeping in with this energetic howler in your home!

Friendly - True Beagle lovers will understand just how great companions and friends these amazing dogs can really be. Yes, most dogs are human's best friends, but these long-eared, nose-to-the-ground canines are as good as a family pet can get. They understand the family dynamics, and fit right in as an extra child, or neighbourhood friend that stay one night and never left! 

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